CVSA – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Has Been Scheduled

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has scheduled this year’s road check for May 4-6. Over this three-day period, there will be a blitz of inspections over North America. Last year, the CVSA conducted over 50,000 inspections with over 25%, 1 out 4 vehicles, removed from the road with out of services. These out of services have a great effect on the cost of your CMV insurance.


The attached article goes into greater depth of the four levels of roadside inspections: click here to access


  • Level I most comprehensive, 37 steps including the vehicle and driver’s operating requirements
  • Level II Inspection of the vehicle without getting underneath
  • Level III a complete review of the driver requirements along with cargo and record of duty status
  • Level IV everything from Level I without the driver present


Last year’s focus was on driver’s requirements, this year will be lighting and hours of service compliance. Last year these two areas accounted for the majority of the violations issued.


From an insurance perspective, underwriters that are pricing your commercial auto, umbrella and cargo policies review your Company Snapshot looking for, not only out of services, but also violations. Even though you have a great control over your DVIRs and driver logs, whether electronic or manual, you are bound to get an out of service or violation especially if you are operating a fleet of power units.


Our job as your broker is to help you analyze trends in violations by type, vehicle and driver then construct a strategy to help minimize. Equally important is to fully explain to the underwriter(s) the effort that you have undertaken to help minimize. Call us and as ask for our #TruckCenter to help you take control over your insurance costs.


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