Pollution Liability

Protect yourself from pollution risk factors with environmental insurance from Anastasi Insurance.

When you work in manufacturing, agribusiness or another industry with pollution risk factors, accidents will happen. A major concern for any business is the potential to cause – or be a victim of – environmental pollution. If not properly disposed of, waste and run off could contaminate water tables, crop soil, and people.

Anastasi Insurance is dedicated to helping you protect your hard-earned gains with a comprehensive environmental insurance policy that can offset protracted litigation and unbearable lawsuits.

Pollution costs money to clean up. To ensure it gets cleaned up correctly, many communities, industries, and contractors are opting for contractors pollution liability insurance. In many cases, the cost of an environmental clean-up can bankrupt a company. Subsequently more and more municipalities are requiring businesses to have a viable pollution insurance policy in place before allowing them to open.

At Anastasi Insurance, our environmental insurance can help cover you and your company against:

  • Clean up costs
  • Environmental remediation
  • Legal Fees

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