Motor Truck Cargo

There are so many insurance options these days it can sometimes make your head spin. You have to make sure you insure yourself, your vehicles, your workers, and your business. When it comes to trucking, there is a commonly-requested insurance that can easily get forgotten – Motor Truck Cargo Insurance, often just know as “Cargo” insurance.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance can cover anything from a load accidentally dumped, including the expenses to remove the debris or even extract pollutants; it can prevent further loss on previously damaged cargo; and can provide legal expenses on your behalf, whether that is against claims or even against customers that may want to charge you for loads not delivered.

Our experts know Cargo insurance. We know what you need for YOUR business and how to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage so that, in the worst-case scenarios, the only thing you’re losing is your cargo. Contact us now for more information on how Cargo Insurance can help – and protect – you.

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