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CVSA – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Has Been Scheduled

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has scheduled this year’s road check for May 4-6. Over this three-day period, there will be a blitz of inspections over North America. Last year, the CVSA conducted over 50,000 inspections with over 25%, 1 out 4 vehicles, removed from the road with out of services. These out of services have a great effect on the cost of your CMV insurance. The attached article goes into greater depth of the four levels of roadside inspections: click here to access   Level I most comprehensive, 37 steps including the vehicle and driver’s operating requirements Level II Inspection of the vehicle without getting underneath Level III a complete review of the driver requirements along with cargo and record of duty status Level IV everything from Level I without the driver present   Last year’s focus was on driver’s requirements, this year will be lighting and hours of service compliance. Last year these two areas accounted for the majority of the violations issued.   From an insurance perspective, underwriters that are pricing your commercial auto, umbrella and cargo policies review your Company Snapshot looking for, not only out of services, but also violations. Even though you have … Continue reading CVSA – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Has Been Scheduled

OSHA Form 300A Posting

If you have not posted your OSHA 300A you are late, but hopefully not sorry. This is nothing but good defense just in case a disgruntled employee drops a dime or OSHA comes knocking on your door. OSHA 300A is your best defense. I have included the OSHA 300A form as a pre fill doc along with instructions. It may appear to be a daunting task but really it should take you a small amount of time to complete. Then simply hang it where everyone can see it and keep it up until April 30th . Don’t think you are exempt, because you’re not, get this posted. And unlike a seagull that will fly in, poop and leave…..I am here to answer any of your questions.

Attention Worcester County Massachusetts – Do you have the right amount coverage? 

This question is an important one to ask each year. The passing of years can affect the cost of rebuilding your home or replacing your vehicle.  Massachusetts Auto Coverage ATTENTION ALL DRIVERS IN MASSACHUSETTS. Even if you have been driving since you were 16 and have never needed to file a claim. One day you slide on ice/snow and have an accident. In Massachusetts, an incident like this could end up causing thousands of dollars in damage. If you have collision coverage with a manageable deductible as well as rental car coverage, you’ll most likely end up facing far less financial strain than if you were underinsured or had no physical damage coverage on your vehicle. In Worcester alone, there was over 2,000 accidents in 2020. To check out your Massachusetts crash statistics click here  Massachusetts Homeowners Coverage Our Massachusetts homeowners take pride in home ownership. In Worcester County, 67% own homes. That is higher then the national average. Massachusetts and Worcester County deal with severe weather, sometimes unpredictable weather. Worcester County has heavy snow, flooding rainfall, ice damage and the occasional tornado. It is important to make sure you are completely covered. As for, homeowners insurance, imagine you have … Continue reading Attention Worcester County Massachusetts – Do you have the right amount coverage? 


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