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With over 25 years of experience, Anastasi Insurance is New England’s top choice for bonds and insurance. We’re committed to providing your business the protection it needs at the lowest possible cost, delivered with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Learn more…

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There are many coverage lines to consider when developing your commercial insurance package, and that can become overwhelming – we understand that. Our agents will work with you to establish a policy that is tailored to your specialized commercial insurance requirements.

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Whether you need to protect your car and home, want insurance for the possessions in your apartment, or need a general umbrella policy for peace of mind, our agents will provide you with outstanding service and the policies you need.

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Exceptional customer service is our core value. We’re here to answer questions, provide quotes, and get you on track after a setback. As a member of Renaissance Alliance, we represent over 40 top insurance companies, allowing us to aggressively negotiate terms and conditions on your behalf.


  Are you aware of the financial benefits of an effective return to work program? The data is crystal clear: the longer an injured employee is away from work, the more it will ultimately cost the employer. We will help you implement a robust return to work program that provides employees with appropriate care and facilitates quick recovery.  WHAT DOCUMENTATION IS NEEDED FOR A SUCCESSFUL RETURN TO WORK PROGRAM? Documentation is a key aspect of return to work. We have all the forms necessary to document and communicate every step of the process. HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE YOUR RETURN TO WORK PROGRAM TO EMPLOYEES? Our employee communications pieces take the mystery out of the return to work process, so your employees can focus on their rehab and recovery instead of worrying about filling out the wrong form. At Anastasi Insurance Agency, we can provide you with a comprehensive policy plus supplemental documents at no additional charges… Here are just some of what we can provide: EMPLOYER RESOURCES Return to Work Policy Return to Work Program Guide Impact of Return to Work Programs Presentation Report of Injury or Illness Form Job Analysis and Physician Report of Work Capacity Form Claim Topics: … Continue reading

Insurance Fraud Services Overview One of the best ways to protect your business from workers’ compensation fraud is to be aware of potential red flags. As you’re filing a claim, our team can help you recognize warning signs that may suggest an instance of fraud and take steps to find the truth. How does your business conduct incident investigations? Although you want to trust your employees, no organization is immune to the threat of insurance fraud. Use the resources available from Anastasi Insurance Agency, Inc. to investigate workplace injuries, ensure that your business isn’t being targeted for insurance fraud and keep your workers’ compensation costs down. Is your business prepared to fight instances of workers compensation fraud? We can give you the materials you need to promote workplace health and safety, establish an effective return to work program, and communicate with employees and medical providers throughout the workers’ compensation claim process.

Factors Driving a Hard Insurance Market and How to Respond

From an insurance buyer’s perspective, it can sometimes feel as if premium prices change on a whim. But the truth is that the insurance market is cyclical in nature, fluctuating between soft and hard markets: Soft markets—A soft market, which is sometimes called a buyer’s market, is characterized by stable premiums, broader terms of coverage, increased capacity, higher available limits and competition among insurance carriers for new business. Hard markets—A hard market, which is sometimes called a seller’s market, is characterized by increased premiums, diminished underwriting appetite and capacity, restricted coverage and less competition among insurance carriers for new business. While many insurance buyers have enjoyed a soft market for years, the market is hardening. As a result, business leaders now face tough choices regarding their insurance, making it all the more important for them to understand what to expect in a hardening market and how to respond effectively. Factors Contributing to a Hardening Market In what was one of the longest soft markets in recent years, businesses across several lines of insurance enjoyed stable premiums and expanded coverage for decades. However, after years of gradual changes, the market is firming, leading to increased premiums and reduced capacity. A number … Continue reading Factors Driving a Hard Insurance Market and How to Respond


The staff at Anastasi Insurance understands the many pressures facing a small business owner today and your need for fast accurate results. From juggling the needs of employees and customers to managing cash flow and staying ahead of intense competition, we are in a unique position to help you evaluate the cost of assuming risk or transferring that risk to an insurance company or surety.

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