Transportation Bonds

Transportation brokers can count on Anastasi Insurance for transportation bonds. Our knowledgeable staff can help brokers purchase freight broker bonds at affordable rates.

Any business operating as a transport or freight broker must purchase freight broker surety bonds, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our freight broker bond is a form of insurance that guarantees payment on shipments. The bonds guarantee that both the shipper and the owner of the goods complete their obligations required in the deal.

With freight broker bonds from Anastasi Insurance, we guarantee the freight broker will carry out their responsibilities to both the owner of the freight and the shipping company. Our bond typically allows you to keep more capital in your business since all that is required is a yearly premium as opposed to a monetary trust. Also, should a claim arise, we will investigate to ensure the validity of the claim.

Anastasi Insurance can make both broker and shipping company feel comfortable and secure. Simply fill out our quick and easy online form today to learn more about the benefits of obtaining your freight broker bonds through Anastasi Insurance.

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