New Bike Helmet Rating System From IIHS

Riding your bike is one of the many things that we look forward to during nice weather. An activity that can be a solo, tranquil expierence or one that your whole family can be a part of. After learning the basics of riding a bike, one must learn how to safely operate one. This includes learning the safety features (breaks, gears, etc), rules of the road, and how to avoid hazards. Another key element to having an enjoyable bike riding expierence is your safety equipment. The most important piece of gear, being your helmet.

There has been many advances in helmet materials due to safety studies conducted. Improvements are made every year so it is important to check the quality of your helmet to make sure that the one you are using meets the standard criteria. New bicycle helmets are made of lightweight woven polymers designed with padding to absorb impact from all angles. They vary significantly in price, and cost isn’t necessarily the best predictor of performance.

To that end, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in conjunction with the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) and Virginia Tech have created a ranking system to allow bicyclists to see for themselves which helmet is best for them.

The team tested 30 popular bicycle helmets to start with and plans to add many more to their rankings, including helmets intended for off-road (BMX) biking. Check out their methodology and see their list of bike helmet ratings.

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