Hand Held Devices BANNED – Rhode Island

Beginning June 1st drivers will now be issued $100 fine for using cell phones / hand held devices while driving. Holding your cell phone while driving, along with any headphones/ear buds are also illegal.

Sgt. Greg Cunningham, of the Rhode Island State Police said first-time offenders face a hundred dollar fine, but there is a way to get the ticket dismissed.

“In the meantime, since getting your ticket and going to court, you are able to purchase some type of Bluetooth device or something that can help you use the phone hands free. Bring the receipt into court and the judge will waive the fee for you,” said Cunningham.

The State of Rhode Island issued this flyer to explain what is and isn’t allowed:

hand held













Read the full law here: http://www.dot.ri.gov/projects/HandsFree/documents/Hands_Free_Law_Enacted_7-10-17.pdf


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