See a dog in a hot car? Do you know what to do next?

As we approach warm weather (finally) – we want to remind you that it is never safe to leave your dogs in the car. According to PETA, on a 78* day, your car’s interior temperature can reach over 100* in a matter of minutes.

Check out this video by Veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward – who shows you what happens when you leave your animal in the car – even if you leave the windows open and park in the shade.

But what if you do see an animal in a hot car?

In August 2016, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed a  new law for animal welfare gives pets more protections from extreme heat and weather. St. 2016, c. 248 An Act Preventing Animal Suffering And Death was signed in a ceremony by Governor Charlie Baker.

This law gives a bystander and first responders the right to enter the vehicle if they feel the animal is in danger due to extreme weather. If you believe an animal is in danger take the following steps before you attempt other means to enter the vehicle:

  1. Call 911
  2. Check to see if the doors are unlocked
  3. Make an effort to locate the owner


At Anastasi Insurance Agency Inc, our pets are part of our family and we do everything we can to protect them.