6 Ways to Prevent Cargo Theft

Unfortunately, Cargo Theft presents a considerable problem in the shipping industry. Goods are the most vulnerable when in transit. Next to having the correct coverages for your drivers and loads, following these 6 tips, can help ensure that your driver and load will be delivered safely.

    1. Planning your Routes: If you transporting to the same location and take the same route regularly – you are a target for thieves. Make sure to switch up your routes every now and then.
    2. Keep eyes on the goods at all times: If you are driving alone, always make sure you are close to your truck at all times.
    3. Add extra security: There is no better deterrent for thieves then anti-theft devices. Invest in items such as locking bars and king pin locks.
    4. Secrets: It is proven that thieves target certain loads over others, so the golden rule is don’t discuss what you are hauling.
    5. Constant Contact: The dispatcher and driver should remain in constant contact throughout the trip. In addition to dispatch, keep in contact with friends and family so they know you are safe.
    6. Know what to do if you are targeted: If you are targeted by thieves, always remember your safety comes first. Try to remember as much detail as you can in order to give the authorities the best chance at catching the criminals.
At Anastasi Insurance, we take safety beyond just providing you with the correct coverages for the right price. We can help you develop safety talking points and documents to use with your employees and more. Contact us today.