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Avoiding Back Problems in the Workplace

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Back pain can be a persistent annoyance at best and a disabling health issue at worst. Help your employees avoid back problems, and potentially reduce your claims for workers compensation in CT in the process by implementing a few preventative measures in the workplace.

Some of the things that can cause and aggravate back problems include repetitive movements, bending, sitting at a desk all day and heavy lifting. There are a few ways you can help reduce the risk of back injuries in your staff including:

• Make sure workstations are set up to be ergonomically correct with computer screens at the right height and chairs and other furniture adjusted appropriately for each person.

• Teach employees safe ways of lifting heavy objects and discourage them from attempting to lift awkward or bulky packages by themselves.

• Place frequently used items within easy reach so workers don’t have to bend over to reach them.

• Encourage staff to take regular breaks if they are doing awkward or repetitive tasks, and vary their activities throughout the day.

Look after the health of your employees, and you will probably be rewarded with increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and a happier, healthier work environment. You may even see a reduction in the cost of your premiums for workers compensation in CT as a result, or you may find that fewer claims are being made.


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