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Clean Up Your Community to Benefit Your Environmental Insurance!

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There are many ways to help your community as a local business, but did you ever think of supporting the environment as well? It is important to be environmentally conscious so you can prevent accidents from occurring. What if your company is producing dangerous fumes, or polluted water runs into your pipe system? These incidents and more are possible, which is why you need environmental insurance for protection.

Volunteering is a perfect way to better the environment and connect with the community. Recently, a group of residents gathered to clean up neighborhoods and promote a safer and greener area to live in. According to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, last week crews removed an estimated 10 tons of trash and debris from the streets and sidewalks of the Vernon Hill and Union Hill neighborhoods.

Everything from litter to fridges to mattresses and couches was picked up by 50 to 60 volunteers. These items were then dumped in a Casella Waste Services trash receptacle and the company hauled it away free of charge. The two-and-a-half-hour neighborhood cleanup was a team effort involving the City Council, Worcester Academy, the Oak Hill Community Development Corp., Charter TV3/Charter Communications, college students, and local residents.

At Anastasi Insurance, we are proud to be part of a community that is dedicated to working on improving the environment. As a local business owner, you should also be just as committed to a cleaner world as you are to serving your customers every day. Therefore, regulating your risks with environmental insurance will help you focus on creating a greener company!

Safeguarding yourself from pollution risk factors is important, especially if you work in manufacturing, agribusiness, or another industry where these accidents could occur. We don’t want you or your community to be victim to a pollution disaster. This is why our package can include coverage for items such as clean up costs, legal fees, environmental remediation, and much more. So protect your hard-earned gains with a comprehensive environmental insurance policy!


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