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Don’t Let Accidents Dry Up Your Investment, Save It with Environmental Insurance!

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Does your manufacturing business rely on water for power or for other reasons? What if this natural resource disappeared and caused major problems for your company? Or what if it was contaminated and dangerous to utilize? In the local region, there are concerns arising about the use of water. However, you can protect your business from going under with environmental insurance.

According to The Boston Globe, many rivers are at record lows in the state, when at this time of year, they should be flourishing. The water levels have been so low due to one of the driest and warmest winters on record. This fact is raising concern among state officials and environmental advocates about an intense drought this summer. Also, this could increase algae blooms and swimming bans.

Eighteen of the state’s rivers measured by the US Geological Survey were at record-low levels. Thirty four were lower than 90% of all previous measurements, six were lower than 75% of previous measurements, and only two of sixty locations were at normal levels. State officials said they expect the Drought Management Task Force to meet to discuss whether to declare a drought advisory, which would trigger restrictions on outdoor water use for many public water suppliers.

Will this drought affect your business? At Anastasi Insurance, we want to make sure your investment doesn’t suffer due to the unpredictable weather. Keeping the environment healthy and clean is important, but if it is contaminated or altered, you need to safeguard your company from harm with environmental insurance!

Protecting yourself from this unique risk will prevent potential to cause or you being a victim of environmental pollution. Pollution costs money to clean up, so to ensure it gets cleaned up correctly, many communities, industries, and contractors are opting for contractors pollution liability insurance. With other options to choose from, you can customize your environmental insurance package to suit your company!


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