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Expensive Projects can now be Finished On Time with a Reliable Payment Bond!

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Was your company assigned a large project that will cost you lots of money if not completed? It is important to always stay on schedule, no matter how large or small the venture. However, if an accident occurs on site, this could cause delays. Therefore, a payment bond will allow your workers to stay on task.

According to The Republican, the current project for The Pioneer Valley is delayed due to lack of funding. They are struggling with finding sources dedicated to the creation of the road, bridge, bicycle, and recreational trail projects. There is $85 million needed, but only $13.9 million in funds are available at this time. Many solutions have been thought of and denied in order to get this project moving. However, one that may come into effect, if approved, is for the region to create a transportation funding source with the money only going to local transportation projects.

If this plan is accepted, then the region can come closer to making this project a reality. What if your project was delayed due to lack or funds or because of an accident? If the latter situation, you would need superior protection in order to finish the assignment. At Anastasi Insurance, we can offer you a payment bond to meet all of your unique needs!

Our team is here to help you secure contracts and protect your business. This bond can be used to pay laborers, suppliers, and other contract-related costs which the contractor may owe to third parties. So even if you are faced with numerous delays, you can still successfully and skillfully complete your project with the security of a payment bond!


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